The Panorama Project Readers’ Advisory Impact Committee (RAIC) is researching, documenting and analyzing the wide variety of Readers’ Advisory title and author recommendation activities in use in our public libraries. The committee is studying both librarian-to-patron (direct) activities and library-to-community (indirect) activities. These include in-person conversations, form-based recommendations, in-library table and shelf displays, online catalog and website displays, reading lists (distributed in print and electronically), newsletters, podcasts, blog posts, author events and visits, and more.

The committee’s first publication is the Directory of Readers’ Advisory Activities. This first of its kind report catalogs the many ways that public librarians and libraries connect readers with books and authors. Each of the activities listed includes an activity description as well as links to examples and additional resources. The committee has also produced a Quick Guide to Readers’ Advisory for those who want to start with a short overview.

The RAIC will update the directory periodically. The group is now working on a survey that will collect information on how the various Readers’ Advisory activities cataloged are being used in public libraries.

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