The development of the Panorama Project will be guided by these founding principles:


Rakuten OverDrive is providing the initial funding and organizational support for the project. Other supporters are joining. The project is in the process of convening an Advisory Council that will oversee its activities. One of the council’s first responsibilities will be to explore opportunities for creating a new non-profit to manage the project or find a home for the project with an appropriate existing non-profit industry organization.


The Advisory Council will be made up of interested stakeholders from the publishing, library, bookselling and industry services communities. The council will be charged with ensuring that the organization maintains neutrality, meaning that its research methodologies and findings remain as free as possible from bias.


The project will strive for transparency in its organization, operations, finances, research methodologies and communications. The project will make data contributors aware of what is being done with their data at every stage of the data submission and integration process.


The project will not accept or use any personally identifiable information (PII). The project will make commercially reasonable efforts to screen all incoming data for PII and reject data that contains PII.


The project will implement and maintain the highest possible data security protections, including protection of partner data in all phases of its interactions and operations. The project will implement access control systems to ensure that partners can control, monitor and retract their data.


Data submitted to the project will only be used for intended project purposes. The Advisory Council will approve all research initiatives to ensure that they align with the project’s goals and principles. The project will not sell, market or redistribute any contributor data.