Meet Our New Project Lead: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

To further our engagement and advocacy with publishers, booksellers, authors, agents, and their associations, we are stepping up our efforts to conduct more in-person meetings in New York. Cliff Guren, who led the Project since its inception in 2018 and is based in Seattle, has served the project very well and we sincerely thank him for his strong leadership and excellent project management work.

We are happy to announce the new Project Lead for Panorama Project. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez is an entrepreneurial media and marketing professional with 25 years’ experience in consumer and B2B publishing, and a history of building strong relationships with communities, colleagues and clients. Based in New York, his first real job was a Page at Mt. Vernon Public Library which nurtured his love of reading and introduced him to the full spectrum of the publishing industry. Since then, he's been the director, content strategy & audience development for Library Journal & School Library Journal—where he worked on Patron Profiles, SELF-e, and The Digital Shift, among other projects—and was the founding director of programming & business development for Digital Book World. Most recently, he was the publisher and marketing director for Writer’s Digest.

Photo: Bibblio

Photo: Bibblio

In his literary past, he’s won poetry slams, and featured at festivals, universities, and libraries across the country; founded and hosted a weekly reading series in NYC that ran for 15 years; self-published several chapbooks, and co-authored a book of poetry published by Soft Skull Press. In 2019, he still believes in the power of publishing as a community service, and the critical role libraries play in nurturing communities of avid readers and aspiring writers—today, and for the future. Connect with him on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter @glecharles.

If you have any questions or would like to connect directly with Guy, please contact