Panorama Picks is Live!

Today we are introducing a new program called Panorama Picks that reveals unmet demand for books and sales opportunities for booksellers. Panorama Picks is based on demand for books that readers are waiting to borrow from the nation’s public libraries. The program provides a series of regional lists of titles compiled from the wait lists for ebooks at local libraries. The lists will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Panorama Picks.jpg

The Panorama Picks lists also provide valuable insights to publishers and authors. We expect that the data will be used to uncover trends—demand data from the library can be a leading indicator of the next hot genre or subcategory that booksellers, publishers and authors can leverage. The lists can tell a story and we’re excited to make them available.

Visit the Panorama Picks webpage to learn more, sign-up to be notified when new lists are available, take our short survey on the program and share your feedback. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Panorama Picks!